insights from entrepreneurship + innovation conference

Two days ago, I attended and I give a presentation on a conference “entrepreneurship + innovation” in my hometown Osijek, Croatia. This was the 4th conference, but I attended for the 1st time and I’m very happy that I can say that it was very well prepared and very interesting event. In the first part we can saw the presenters talking about depressing and pesimistic state of croatian economy. Ok, now we finally admit that our country is in deep trouble. Second part was three paralel sessions and I was on the “Innovation” session. Presenters shown examples of entrepreneurship in … Continue reading insights from entrepreneurship + innovation conference

squash tournament in railway station

What a nice way to stage a sports tournament. The Bear Sterns Tournament of Champions, the largest professional squash event in North America was placed in one of halls of Grand Central (New York). Duration of tournament was a week with 64 players.Glass-enclosed court looks fantastic adn I can only imagine how many passengers take a look on the game while waiting on their train. Continue reading squash tournament in railway station

how to organize an innovation event?

First of all, I got great receipt from managers, almost all of them will come, but not so good from employees, because they are at business trips or they have private reasons. But I expect that 50% will come surely, so the event will survive… What’s the main reason fo this event?First, I want to reward best innovators in last year, and to ‘make them important’. Second, to present the best ideas for all colleagues, but also for the managers on event, but also through the special brochure and intranet site to everybody in the company. This ideas should inspire … Continue reading how to organize an innovation event?