insights from entrepreneurship + innovation conference

Two days ago, I attended and I give a presentation on a conference “entrepreneurship + innovation” in my hometown Osijek, Croatia.

This was the 4th conference, but I attended for the 1st time and I’m very happy that I can say that it was very well prepared and very interesting event. In the first part we can saw the presenters talking about depressing and pesimistic state of croatian economy. Ok, now we finally admit that our country is in deep trouble.

Second part was three paralel sessions and I was on the “Innovation” session. Presenters shown examples of entrepreneurship in one large&growing croatian company, one small company and the stories of tech parks in neighboring Serbia. My presentation “Establishing Innovation Climate” was about Innovation Culture in a big company and the audience was very interesting about it, because there is not much examples of companies with established innovation systems in Croatia and neighboring countries.

The best questions was:
“what about bonus if the dea creator is not working in the field of idea? is the bonus the same as for idea creator who work every day in the field from which idea is coming?”
“is the idea always innovation or is it only the everyday business thing which is expected?”
“what’s the first thing to do to establish innovation climate?”

The best insights:
“self-organized teams are the future –> every team-members can join in the team he/she wants”
“it will be great if students of electro-technic will listen lectures about economy”
“creative industry is the potential for creating wealth”

One thought on “insights from entrepreneurship + innovation conference

  1. I completely agree with your comments. “Self Organized” teams will be the future But the challenge is to manage those teams.

    And of course, creativity is the most important aspect in human life. Creativity is what lead us out of Stone Age.

    Thanks – Bhavin Gandhi

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