Book: Developing Innovation

In June 2020 my first book on English will be published. It is called: “Developing Innovation – Innovation Management in IT Companies”. This book will focus on establishing innovation culture in IT companies with many examples from well-known companies. Here is a short description:

In the ever-changing world of IT, the challenging mission is to create and maintain innovation culture and align innovation activities with company strategy. This book is giving a fresh perspective on innovation management activities in IT environment using examples from startups and companies like Cisco, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Lufthansa Systems, Worldline, Amdocs, Telefonica, Enea and others.

The book answers the following questions:

  • Software development environment gives many possibilities for innovation, but also put some constraints on the innovation process. How this can be bypassed with bringing success to the company?
  • Using an agile process in the area of software development with its short cycles, it is a challenge to create and maintain innovation culture. How to bring innovation challenges closer to developers and use their experience and vision to create new projects?
  • How to inspire software engineers on incremental, often small but useful and money-saving improvements?
  • Fourth industrial revolution changes companies from the inside and it brings changes to common agile product management process in IT. What are the effects on innovation management and what are mechanisms for success in new environment?

More information is available here.

Cover of the book