i have the idea, and what now? (1)

So, here’s the first chapter of my what-will-be book “I have the idea, and what now?” I have to note, that english is not my native language, so there are certainly some errors in text. 😉 what is innovation? The term innovation can be heard in recent times from every direction. TV, newspapers, adds – everywhere we can see the word ‘innovation’ connected with wide range of products, from commercials for cosmetic products, to banking services. Politicians, professors, businessman or journalists – everyone have something to say about innovations. The term is used so much that there is the danger … Continue reading i have the idea, and what now? (1)

percentage for own projects

Interesting article in Harvard Business Review about Google. The part about innovation in job description. Google budgets 20% of employee time for their bottom-up projects. The part from article: Technical employees are required to spend 80% of their time on the core search and advertising businesses, and 20% on technical projects of their own choosing. As one new Google engineer put it in a blog: “This isn’t a matter of doing something in your spare time, but more of actively making time for it. Heck, I don’t have a good 20% project yet and I need one. If I don’t … Continue reading percentage for own projects

innovation brainstorming workshops

Last month, I had four innovation workshops with brainstorming sessions, and what I learned is that in each group I can expect allways different situation. I had groups with 7-17 participants, they were from the same technical field and have the same techical knowledge. What was common in all 4 workshops is that the boss is always the leader with most ideas(that’s good), other innovative people from past are followers, but some of participants haven’t contribute at all. I reach some of them, with showing the benefits of ideas to indivudual(incentives+glory). Important is to notify about successful ideas from their … Continue reading innovation brainstorming workshops

the myths of innovation

I saw an interesting article on IdeaConnection. An Interview with Scott Berkun, author of the book: The Myths of Innovation.Here is the set of Myths:1.The myth of epiphany — there is no eureka moment, ideas never stand alone2. We understand the history of innovation — we have simplified legends3. There is a method for innovation — there are infinite paths to innovation4. People love new ideas — most people fear change5. The lone inventor — all innovation is bound to what came before6. Good ideas are hard to find — humans are built for creative thinking7. Your boss knows more … Continue reading the myths of innovation

posters for sticking chewing gums

Artistic way to solve a problem which have all cities in the world – chewing gums on the streets. In this way everyone can stick their chewing gum to poster on wallboard on streets which has coluor palette identified with numbers like in children books. This is idea from Sydney and it’s really more creative then Singapore’s way to solve problem of chewing gums on the streets – by banning chewing gums.(spotted in trendhunter) Continue reading posters for sticking chewing gums

promote shadow IT

Excerpt from book: Mashup Corporations: The End of Business as Usual: “Understand that you have capabilities outside your IT department, and use them! Shadow IT is not new and exists in every company. It’s been there, lurking just out of sight of your support teams, not necessarily hidden, but implemented by workers who need new tools, procedures, and workarounds that are not yet acknowledged by IT policies. They use their innovations every day to get their jobs and personal tasks done. With every class of graduating students, a more tech-literate labor force emerges. This labor force is creatively innovating both … Continue reading promote shadow IT