Every Engineer needs a Businessman!

The world as we know may be run by businessmen, but it is definitely shaped by engineers. Every engineer would said that the world will be a better place if tech guys made more decisions. In their microcosmos (organizations) they often rule, but how much help do they need from the non-tech side? Continue reading “Every Engineer needs a Businessman!”

wipo patent filings 2008

For the first tiime on chinese company(Huawei) is on top of the list of patent applicants, while Panasonic & Philips are others on top 3.Other companies in top 10 are: Toyota, Robert Bosch, Siemens, Nokia, LG, Ericsson and Fujitsu. Looking among countries USA, Japan & Germany are followed by Korea, France and China.Countries from Central Europe have following number of patent applications: Slovenia 108, Czech Republic 155, Poland 129, Slovakia 40, Hungary 173 and Croatia 56.Croatia is sadly, only country where number of patent applications is decsreased (from 79 to 56). link Continue reading wipo patent filings 2008

i have the idea, and what now? (1)

So, here’s the first chapter of my what-will-be book “I have the idea, and what now?” I have to note, that english is not my native language, so there are certainly some errors in text. 😉 what is innovation? The term innovation can be heard in recent times from every direction. TV, newspapers, adds – everywhere we can see the word ‘innovation’ connected with wide range of products, from commercials for cosmetic products, to banking services. Politicians, professors, businessman or journalists – everyone have something to say about innovations. The term is used so much that there is the danger … Continue reading i have the idea, and what now? (1)

what is green IT?

In recent times everything that sits around the corner is ‘green’. Concerning IT we could see many headlines about Green IT. The main point is that Green IT is not just the savings in Data Centers. The topic of Data Center savings is well covered and it’s widely known that this ‘works’.But, what is with other aspects of using IT innovations to generate savings & reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption?First, the public transportation is used enough in some countries (certainly in Croatia) – with innovations in that sector this could be changed, specially after the rise of oil prices … Continue reading what is green IT?

nils bohlin

Nils Bohlin – the inventor of three-point-seatbelt – standard in every car today, has invented it in late 50’s of last. it was patented in 1958. and by 1963. every new Volvo (Bohlin’s company) has seatbelts. This breakthrough saved lots of lives, specially thanks to Bohlin and Volvo, who gave their invention for free to every car manufacturer. Now, to give them a thank, we can at leat say that we all have something from ‘Volvo’ in our vehicles. Continue reading nils bohlin