the myths of innovation

I saw an interesting article on IdeaConnection. An Interview with Scott Berkun, author of the book: The Myths of Innovation.
Here is the set of Myths:
1.The myth of epiphany — there is no eureka moment, ideas never stand alone
2. We understand the history of innovation — we have simplified legends
3. There is a method for innovation — there are infinite paths to innovation
4. People love new ideas — most people fear change
5. The lone inventor — all innovation is bound to what came before
6. Good ideas are hard to find — humans are built for creative thinking
7. Your boss knows more about innovation than you — just because the boss has power doesn’t mean he knows everything
8. The best ideas win — not always
9. Problems and solutions — problem finding and framing are more important
10. Innovation is always good — all innovations combine good and bad effectsResilience. Talent is great, but a genius who gives up on a good idea isn’t as valuable as a less talented person who sticks it out.”

Great set of thoughts which can be added as the quick guide to innovation, or “Quick way to learn about ideas”:)
Read the interview

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