Establishing Innovation Culture

My paper “Establishing Innovation Culture”, about installing Innovative Climate in big organization is available via this link on issuu. I presented it on the Conference for Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Maribor, 2 years ago, and got a great feedback. Hope that you’ll like it! Please comment! Continue reading Establishing Innovation Culture

Start of Innovation in Software Development Companies


How can any software developer become an Innovator? Is it possible that innovations exist in any software company?

Software development in small and middle size companies can be encouraged in the same manner as in big companies. The effort and the time spent surely must be scaled, but the general principle which should bring the innovation culture into the teams can be copied.

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The Zero Phase of the Innovation Process

The “zero phase” of the innovation process is to convince the very first person to get behind your idea.

Idea can be shortly explained to a colleague at work or to a friend at the coffee shop, where first comments should encourage to further thinking and reshaping of idea.

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innovation process article

I’ve just read interesting article on Business Week: about Whirpool’s innovation process that evaluates and screen thousands of ideas. Whirlpool’s three-pronged definition of innovation: “It must meet a consumer need in a fresh way; it must have the breadth to become a platform for related products; and it must lift earnings.“ The final section of the article: “What can executives learn from Whirlpool’s approach to screening ideas? • Define Innovation A brief, concrete definition of innovation will help employees evaluate new concepts at the front end, screening out those that just don’t fit. As a concept progresses, keep returning to … Continue reading innovation process article

ford’s process & product innovation

When I was a school-boy I watched TV-series about Henry Ford with my father. He was really enjoying it, specially when they show how he made the new manufacturing system or process – the same one on which my mum was working for many years. Brilliant process innovation in the beginning of 20th century. But the thing which was most impresing to us in this days – it was mid of 80’s/last century – was that he made the car that many can buy. I’m not sure how to classify this innovation – it fits the best to product innovation. … Continue reading ford’s process & product innovation

ideation in big company

I had a small brainstorming session today, and I have to defend innovation process. The problem is that some ideas were rejected in the past, but then they can be seen as successful products from other companies today. This situation in not great for morale of innovator who got rejection mail. But after few minutes of explaining I got this innovator on the track again and I’m expecting new ideas from him. I’ve noticed one thing today which can led to more thought or blog posts in future: it’s hard for a big company to be competitive in small market … Continue reading ideation in big company