The Zero Phase of the Innovation Process

The “zero phase” of the innovation process is to convince the very first person to get behind your idea.

Idea can be shortly explained to a colleague at work or to a friend at the coffee shop, where first comments should encourage to further thinking and reshaping of idea.

In best case, your idea is presented to a superior and gets a first push towards to presenting (technical) details which are needed to get through other early stages of the process.

But, how to get first person? How to convince someone that you have a good idea?

  • First mention the best feature of idea.
  • What is unique?
  • What makes it special?

This must be elaborated in few sentences together with:

  • What is the benefit of implementing this ideas?
  • How will buy it?

This elaboration shouldn’t be boring and it must be known what is the main solution, so the best advice is: Do not speak about your idea, before you haven’t fully thought about it. Idea need to have the way to the market, if you can’t sell it to anyone you are wasting your time and the time of your partner.

Also, bring it in an easy way – try to avoid technical phrases and long explanations – this should be understandable.

Think that you are presenting it to Homer Simpson or to his wife Marge!? How would you present it to his son Bart (if it’s an idea for youngsters) and do how to Lisa? Or think about presenting it to Homer’s friends from the Pub?

If it’s possible, it’s useful is to make a prototype. That’s makes sense only in case if it’s cheap and fast to make it! Key features of the product should be added but it must be avoided to make it to complicated. Then, this prototype (it can be only a 1-3 slide Presentation) can be shown and it can won the first follower!

If you can convince first person you’ll have a chance!
…but, be sure that you are approaching the right person…

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