Great Idea Can Come From Anywhere!

fromAnywhereEveryone has the potential to be creative. We all create everyday, whether we’re at home, work, in the garden or at school. these ideas help us in our daily lives and we often take them for granted because we think they’re small or insignificant. But sometimes we could come up with an idea that is so useful for the market that it can be called an innovation. The problem is that many people are uncomfortable getting their idea out, or too timid to step out of their comfort zones. Continue reading “Great Idea Can Come From Anywhere!”

Establishing Innovation Culture

My paper “Establishing Innovation Culture”, about installing Innovative Climate in big organization is available via this link on issuu. I presented it on the Conference for Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Maribor, 2 years ago, and got a great feedback. Hope that you’ll like it! Please comment! Continue reading Establishing Innovation Culture

The power of innovation campaigns

It’s easy to start innovation campaign, but to do it in a right way you need to be stick to some principles. So, to get really good, focused ideas much work has to be done before the start. If it’s possible it is best to have fixed topic, maybe also the customer behind it! Then your participants will have the biggest chance for innovation. It’s not important to buy newest piece of software to support the campaign, it can be done in a simplest way, which is in most cases – the best way. Sharepoint or even the Excel sheets … Continue reading The power of innovation campaigns

your idea for japan

German innovation agency Hyve has started open innovation campaign for Japan: Your Idea for Japan Suggestion can be made according to following questions: How can we express solidary towards Japan? How can we collect money in an unconventional and encouraging manner? How can we help the homeless people having lost everything they possessed? How can we make their life in the emergency shelters more comfortable? How can we prevent an extensive radioactive contamination of food, water, ground and air? How can we successfully handle catastrophes like this one (especially in the future)? 2 euros are donated to every idea submission… … Continue reading your idea for japan

first attempt of open innovation in croatia

First Open Innovation Initiative has started in Croatia. It’s started by political party HSLS (Croatian Social Liberal Party) and it’s focused for suggestions for Croatia’s Capital Zagreb. It is called: Suggest Zagreb! Suggestions can be sent by registrated users from following categories: Economy, Culture, Education, Science, Sport, Ecology, Tourism… Users can vote for suggestions and also special Committee is formed to judge about best ideas, which will be suggested to Zagreb’s City Parliament by HSLS. Not bad for first time, here is the link. Continue reading first attempt of open innovation in croatia

ireland announce winners in their open innovation contest

Open Innovation Contest in Ireland (your country your call) is over. They selected two winners: Neil Leyden with  “Irish Content Industry Association” (attract global content industries and make Ireland a global center for digital content) Cianán Clancy and Colm MacFhlannachadha with ‘The Data Island Strategy,’ (global digital services). Info about other finalists on Brightidea blog. Continue reading ireland announce winners in their open innovation contest

idea challenge by nokia

The Growth Economy Venture Challenge by Nokia is the chance to win $1Million venture capital investment for realization of idea. They are looking for: “An idea that could truly change the way people use Nokia mobile devices. An idea that demonstrates how mobility can dramatically improve the lives of people who live in areas where the average income is under US$5/day. An idea that recognizes a good business opportunity can also contribute to “doing good.” Deadline is the end of July. Continue reading idea challenge by nokia

ireland starts new open innovation contest

Last year Ireland had interesting open innovation program which shown good results (ideascampaign). This year contest looks nicer 😉 and it has prizes, also they took Brightidea software to support it. I think that they learned from last year and this knowledge is keeping them on right track. Certanly, the right track is open innovation. You can find it on: These concept could be the example for other countries, specially to countries which have large diaspora(like my country – Croatia). Continue reading ireland starts new open innovation contest

ideas campaign started in ireland

Open Innovation in Ireland, just read following:“The Ideas Campaign is calling on you, the people of Ireland, to propose solutions that will help rebuild the economy. It’s a grassroots, independent campaign for citizens, by citizens.”Nice way to get new ideas to boost economy (if only my country would do te same)!Many ideas are already out there and I will enjoy whole month to read(campain will finish at end of March).Its great that this concept of open innovation campaign can be spread to entire nation. Well done Ireland!link Continue reading ideas campaign started in ireland

event went fine

I held an inno-event two days ago. It went just fine, I think that participants were satisfied, because the final event of innovation award program, should be as it was – not long, informative and dinamic. Best 4 participants presented thier ideas and I had a presentation about the inno-statistics this year.The greatest success is to have new ideas coming in after event, and I heard about some new ideas, really 🙂The brochure which I made, was read through event as I saw, and it seems like it was good idea to make it(I haven’t waste time to make it). … Continue reading event went fine