first flushable diaper

The statistics says that disposable diapers make up 4% of solid waste and they are 3rd largest consumers item in landfills. The solution for this problem is using gDiapers –> ok you’ll need maybe a minute more, to change a diaper and sometimes a little bit of time to wash inner or outer parts of diaper, but when you see how the inner flushable insert dissolves in water it will turn your eco-switch on.I’m talking only after reading one article, so please take a look: link I’m ready to try it (but, I’m not sure has my wife the same … Continue reading first flushable diaper

green projects in eastern europe

Green projects in Germany, England, Sweden? This looks promising. But what with eastern part of Europe, specially with smaller countries.If some of the projects would be offered to mayor of big or medium size city in those country, what will be the answer? Maybe, they’ll respond: our whole country doesn’t produce as much CO2 emission as on city in western Europe. Or: we don’t care about CO2 emission, it’s not a problem in our region, let’s talk about savings.This saving are crucial in this situation, and it’s known that with Green Innovations, energy savings can be achieved. So, it’s shouldn’t … Continue reading green projects in eastern europe

what is green IT?

In recent times everything that sits around the corner is ‘green’. Concerning IT we could see many headlines about Green IT. The main point is that Green IT is not just the savings in Data Centers. The topic of Data Center savings is well covered and it’s widely known that this ‘works’.But, what is with other aspects of using IT innovations to generate savings & reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption?First, the public transportation is used enough in some countries (certainly in Croatia) – with innovations in that sector this could be changed, specially after the rise of oil prices … Continue reading what is green IT?

buying Green is/will be ‘in’

In last edition of WIPO magazine, there is an article about Green Branding. link It seems that we’ll have hundreds of eco-labels which will point us to many ‘green’ products. Web site with eco-labels: So, whole new economy will rise (or this has already happen?), but then there would be potential threat in new term: Greenwashing – “the term used to describe companies trumping up their green credentials without any real basis”.I can imagine people shopping in supermarkets trying to find what some eco-label means, with thought on Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth”. There is a plenty room for innovative … Continue reading buying Green is/will be ‘in’

energy islands

Hexagonal artificial energy islands which could produce energy is a ney concept which will bid for Virgin Earth Prize (searching for idea which will dramatically impact global warming). Each island is on flating platform with a plant at the center which converts the heat from the sea into electricity or drinking water. Below the deck, marine turbined will use the energy of underwater currents. Each island complex could produce 250MW. More info: link Continue reading energy islands

unleashing eco-patents

First-of-its-kind effort to help the environment, unleashing dozens of innovative, environmentally responsible patents to the public domain. – Energy conservation or improved energy or fuel efficiency– Pollution prevention (source reduction, waste reduction)– Use of environmentally preferable materials or substances– Water or materials use reduction– Increased recycling opportunityLink Continue reading unleashing eco-patents