Emerging Trends in Technology Shaping Lives and Lifestyles


What are the emerging trends that will shape our future? Imagine the possibilities:

  • In 20 years you will probably not own a car
  • Trucks are already self-driven in test-phase
  • From 2025, you will be served by a non-human waiter at a restaurant

Many professions and many companies will vanish or will be disrupted. Some branches of the economy, as yet untouched by change, will face huge transformations.

The internet and mobile phone revolution at the turn of this century knocked us all off our feet and pushed into our hands devices with which we are connected 24 hours. We are a few clicks away from vast amounts of information and it’s hard for us to imagine a world without internet, applications, mobile phones, computers. That’s now. But what awaits us in the coming years?

We grew up with science fiction movies about robots of the future and through them we have become prepared for a world full of machines. Although robots are still in the shadows, in recent years we have seen great progress and new momentum in artificial intelligence. Major components have become more available and affordable, and big tech companies are working on new or enhanced systems of artificial intelligence. So very soon we will not only be able to buy robotic vacuum cleaners, but also more complex devices that will perform home and office tasks. Information driven tasks that are pushed to AI services like Siri will also be expanded or upgraded.

Along with smartphones and smart TVs we should expect smart cities, smart homes, smart offices, and smart vehicles. It is difficult to foresee what will happen and when vehicles are fully automatized, but trends such as sharing vehicles – think Uber – and small city cars or vehicles without drivers have already emerged.

Then there are the many possibilities of 3D printing which may will lead us to make things ourselves and save more, and there’s virtual reality that will allow us to interact with movies and games.

Our world is undergoing a whole new wave of innovation. To be sure, no one will ask us if we want it or not, it will just simply happen…

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