super tower in london

In recent times I se more and new architectual wonders that will be build in next years. Both these big buildings are always part of the projects in South-East Asia, or Dubai. This time the location is Europe – London. A big tower that will change the landscape of English metropolis. This buidling will provide space for 100.000 people. That’s almost the population of my home town 🙂 Innovation that lies in-here is the idea who to provide the space for town expansion without touching it’s historical parts.Link Continue reading super tower in london

the future in dubai

I share a link to a great web-site which features the newest project in Dubai, which is becoming the architectual capital of the world. Dubai is said to be home to 15% to 25% of the world’s 125,000 construction cranes, and the this is now the end. The newest “wonder” is the resort city elevated 300 metres above Dubai – ‘The Cloud’. My favorite is ‘da vinci rotating tower’ the 250 meter tower which can rotate freely each floor allowing the building to shift its shape. Wind turbines situated between each floor, will allow the building to produce energy. Check … Continue reading the future in dubai

one laptop per child

I was on technology summit last week, where the main speaker was a well-known futurist Nicholas Negroponte. He presented his non-profit project “One laptop per child”. It’s a good way to see how technology is becoming cheaper, which allows this kind of projects. Hopefully, this year their laptop could be selled for 100$. This could give (better)education to millions of school children around the world.This is really good example how technology could impact society. I saw the laptop 🙂 It is small and pretty – just like the one that children would like. As far as I’ve seen, the sofware … Continue reading one laptop per child

the future is here

When I was a child (20-25 years ago), I was thinking about the 21st Century, as a time of living like in SF movies. Me and my friends expected flying cars, robots in every house… Ok, these products was to futuristic, but let’s see what we have in last 10 years: microvawe ovens everywhere, flat-screen TV’s, internet, iPods, mobile phones, GPS, online games… We’re already living the future 🙂 Continue reading the future is here