Entrepreneurs (Innovators) to be


They are special sort of us: Entrepreneurs. Oh yes, they are! But, what with people who are still thinking about it and maybe are still too shy in trying to start they own business. Last week, I held a course for young entrepreneurs and it was challenging to see how they react on many creativity exercises and could it be successful to make them future innovators.  Continue reading “Entrepreneurs (Innovators) to be”

How to encourage young minds?

I just came back from the conference held on my hometown’s University and one of questions after my presentation was: “What can average student do after graduating to have a successful career?”.
Of course, unemployment is big problem here and many youngsters are going abroad (the same problem as in other parts of East or South Europe. The economic crisis, underpayment, nepotism… So, what to do?

course on creativity and innovation

I’m just back from first course on Innovations and Creativity. It was a day and half long course on creative thinking and innovation. I got great feedback from participants and I’m sure that in future I will go on with this course. As I expected attendees are the most interested in the creativity examples such as some thinking techniques and pointing out the examples, like coincidental inventions. But, also the chapter “Open Innovations” was very interesting for them as they didn’t know nothing about it. Open Innovation Web-Sites like Innocentive was the complete novelty. New website created (Croatian) which supports … Continue reading course on creativity and innovation

local idea hero in organization

Main roles for the person selected as innovation-driver in organization: 1. well-known in organization as innovation-driver and open for any kind of questions 2. running innovation system and improving it 3. be sure that everyone knows about idea process(how to submit idea) 4. taking care for ideas that waits for any decision for long time 5. knows about each submitted idea and keep an eye on innovation metrics, such as no. of submitted ideas, no. of realized ideas and other metrics + creating new inno.metrics if needed Other roles such as connecting intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs with innovators, can be the … Continue reading local idea hero in organization

the future of europe lies in knowledge

Janez Potočnik, member of the European Commission for Science and Research said The Future of Europe Lies in Knowledge at the National Forum on Europe, in Dublin:“We want to improve our quality of life and remain globally competitive. If we think about how best to achieve that, we can consider cutting costs or improving our productivity. Looking at the costs, then there are limited possibilities. I’ve not met many people who really want to drive down wages or drastically cut back on our social security standards. And even after we’ve made improvements in the flexibility and mobility of our labour … Continue reading the future of europe lies in knowledge