wipo patent filings 2008

For the first tiime on chinese company(Huawei) is on top of the list of patent applicants, while Panasonic & Philips are others on top 3.Other companies in top 10 are: Toyota, Robert Bosch, Siemens, Nokia, LG, Ericsson and Fujitsu. Looking among countries USA, Japan & Germany are followed by Korea, France and China.Countries from Central Europe have following number of patent applications: Slovenia 108, Czech Republic 155, Poland 129, Slovakia 40, Hungary 173 and Croatia 56.Croatia is sadly, only country where number of patent applications is decsreased (from 79 to 56). link Continue reading wipo patent filings 2008

melancholy of eastern Croatia

I was very disappointed with the number of attendees at this week’s seminar about patents in my hometown. Let’s say first some facts, the town has 120.000 inhabitants and the region has population of 800.000.If I say that there was only 5 people at the seminar which was free and very informative, that’s enough to see what is the state of economy in eastern Croatia.The lectures and the speakers was excellent and I must say that this was the best seminar that I attend in my life.I would be very happy if I can kick in the head the state … Continue reading melancholy of eastern Croatia

instant make-up applicators

I spotted one idea through ‘spingwise.com’. It’s an idea for which everyone could say “how could anyone ever before haven’t invented this!”. This is very interesting for women, it’s ColorOn Professional – Instant Makeup Applicators. This product was patented in 1992. from Irina Iolosilevich, who was wondering how to cut the time of make-up and how to allow to every woman, to have the same quality of make-up like when the visit professional make-up artist. With the help of her husband and brother, she came up with this product after a decade long experiments in her kitchen. So, this is … Continue reading instant make-up applicators

unleashing eco-patents

First-of-its-kind effort to help the environment, unleashing dozens of innovative, environmentally responsible patents to the public domain. – Energy conservation or improved energy or fuel efficiency– Pollution prevention (source reduction, waste reduction)– Use of environmentally preferable materials or substances– Water or materials use reduction– Increased recycling opportunityLink Continue reading unleashing eco-patents