Top 10 Tech, Software, Innovation Conferences in Europe till the end of 2018

Here is the list of Top 10 (my choice) Tech/Software/Big Data/Telco conferences in Europe till the end of this year. Web Summit – Lisabon – 5-8.11. –  “The largest tech conference in the world” IP Expo Europe – London – … Continue reading Top 10 Tech, Software, Innovation Conferences in Europe till the end of 2018

Connecting Football and Innovations (Croatian Case)


Croatian National Team is pretty good in football, we are in top 20 teams in FIFA rankings for a long time now. So, Croatia is really strong in the most popular sport in the world despite the fact that it has population of only 4 million. How is this possible and why Croatia is not so good in other areas/disciplines? Continue reading “Connecting Football and Innovations (Croatian Case)”

What’s wrong with innovation in Croatia?

Croatia flag

I often hear totally wrong talks about innovation in Croatia.

Public opinion about innovators is that those are people, that got rewards on Innovation Fairs. So, when the header in newspapers say: Our Innovators got 3 gold and 2 silvers medals on Innovation Fair, most people think something like:

Well, we have so clever people who have ideas, what’s the problem with our economy? Continue reading “What’s wrong with innovation in Croatia?”

First (big) Entrance of Open Innovation to Croatia


With last month’s agreement between Agrokor and NineSigma, we have the first t(big) entrance of  Open Innovation strategy to Croatia. It’s coming from one of the biggest companies in this part of Europe, with cca. 40,000 employees and biggest retail chain in the country – Konzum. Agrokor operates in many areas of business including agriculture. Continue reading “First (big) Entrance of Open Innovation to Croatia”

The state of automobile industry through toys

I often play following game with my two sons (5 and 3 years old): we place their cars-toys in rows depending on the country of origin. So, Toyota goes to Japan, Ford to USA, Audi to Germany…

At the end we have funny graphics: The state of automobile industry through toys 🙂

Continue reading “The state of automobile industry through toys”

New Innovation Union Scoreboard 2011

With the growth in last year, Croatia find the plave among the Moderate Innovators, together with neighbouring Serbia. Hungray & Italy. Other country in Cental-Eastern Europe Are among Modest Innovators, like Bulgaria, Macedonia & Romaina, Moderate Innovators like Poland, Slovakia & Chech Republic. The best is Slovenia which almost got EU average and finds the place among Innovation Followers. The Innovation Leaders in Europe are again Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Denmark & Finland), together with Switzerlan & Germany. Now, let’s take a look at Croatia scores: the worst results comes from Patent Applications, which says a lot about the state of … Continue reading New Innovation Union Scoreboard 2011

new shopping mall and few old ladies

New shopping Mall is opened. It’s the biggest in the range of 150 km, it has more shops then any other, and it’s looking fine. I saw the opening on TV few minutes ago, among the crowd, there were few old ladies with shopping carts (which is not needed, only maybe for one supermarket) which are waiting 9:00 and Mall to be opened for the first time, thew looked like Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton when they are waiting red lights to switch off at the start of F1 race. I don’t know what they were thinking, but they have … Continue reading new shopping mall and few old ladies

singapore no.1 on inno-report

Newest innovation climate study done by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), and The Manufacturing Institute (MI), listed 110 countries according to their Innovation Inputs and Innovation Performance score. This Internation Innovation Index is buid from 6 categories: Fiscal & Other policies, Innovation environment, R&D results, Business performance and Public impact of innovation. Link to studySingapore is ranked 1st, U.S.A. 8th, Japan 9th, while European leadinng innovation states: Sweden, U.K., Austria & Germany are 10th,15th,17th and 19th.Central Europe countries are near each other on the list: Hungary, Czech Rep. and Slovenia are on places 31-33 and … Continue reading singapore no.1 on inno-report

wipo patent filings 2008

For the first tiime on chinese company(Huawei) is on top of the list of patent applicants, while Panasonic & Philips are others on top 3.Other companies in top 10 are: Toyota, Robert Bosch, Siemens, Nokia, LG, Ericsson and Fujitsu. Looking among countries USA, Japan & Germany are followed by Korea, France and China.Countries from Central Europe have following number of patent applications: Slovenia 108, Czech Republic 155, Poland 129, Slovakia 40, Hungary 173 and Croatia 56.Croatia is sadly, only country where number of patent applications is decsreased (from 79 to 56). link Continue reading wipo patent filings 2008

eu inno scoreboard 2008

Innovation Scoreboard for 2008 is published. As stated in this publication, Innovation leaders are: Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark and UK. Above EU average are Austria and France and below are Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and all “new” members.Fast growers in catching-ip countries are Bulgaria & Romania. Croatia and Lithuania are ranked as slow growers 😦It is noted that EU is decreasing it’s innovation gap with US and Japan, have a look: link Continue reading eu inno scoreboard 2008

green projects in eastern europe

Green projects in Germany, England, Sweden? This looks promising. But what with eastern part of Europe, specially with smaller countries.If some of the projects would be offered to mayor of big or medium size city in those country, what will be the answer? Maybe, they’ll respond: our whole country doesn’t produce as much CO2 emission as on city in western Europe. Or: we don’t care about CO2 emission, it’s not a problem in our region, let’s talk about savings.This saving are crucial in this situation, and it’s known that with Green Innovations, energy savings can be achieved. So, it’s shouldn’t … Continue reading green projects in eastern europe

cultural map of the world

Inglehart-Welzel Cultural Map of the World marks the nations by 2 main factors. First is importance of religion (traditional/secular-rational values), and second factor is transition from industrial to post-industrial society (Survival/self -expression values). Countries are positioned in a way you can see the difference between certain parts of world, but what more interesting – also beetwen certain parts of Europe. Ex-communist Europe is still glued together, with Chech Rep. and Slovenia (maybe also Croatia) looking good. This Map shows that most innovative countries in the world (also in EIS – European Innovation Scoreboard) are at the top right corner: Japan … Continue reading cultural map of the world

european inno-scoreboard 2007

The 2007 European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) was published today. Inno-leaders are Sweden, Finland, Germany, UK, USA… Inno-followers include Austria, France, Ireland… Moderate innovators are Czech republic, Italy, Slovenia… And finally catching-up countries Bulgaria, Croatia (!), Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia…What’s most interesting is to see how it’s determined, so here’sthe list of Innovation indicators:1.1 S&E graduates1.2 Population w ith tertiary education1.3 Broadband penetration rate1.4 Participation in life-long learning1.5 Youth education attainment level2.1 Public R&D expenditures2.2 Business R&D expenditures2.3 Share of medium-high/high-tech R&D2.4 Enterprises receiving public funding for innovation3.1 SMEs innovating in-house3.2 Innovative SMEs co-operating w ith others3.3 Innovation expenditures3.4 Early-stage … Continue reading european inno-scoreboard 2007

the future of europe lies in knowledge

Janez Potočnik, member of the European Commission for Science and Research said The Future of Europe Lies in Knowledge at the National Forum on Europe, in Dublin:“We want to improve our quality of life and remain globally competitive. If we think about how best to achieve that, we can consider cutting costs or improving our productivity. Looking at the costs, then there are limited possibilities. I’ve not met many people who really want to drive down wages or drastically cut back on our social security standards. And even after we’ve made improvements in the flexibility and mobility of our labour … Continue reading the future of europe lies in knowledge