Ideas for Good – Toyota

Toyota lauched Open Innovation Contest called “Ideas For Good”. Entrants can post ideas for 5 Toyota’s technologies: Total Human Model for Safety (THUMS) Hybrid Synergy Drive® (HSD) Solar Powered Ventilation System Touch Tracer Display Advanced Parking Guidance System (APGS) Ideas can be submitted here. Here is the video that describes the whole thing: Continue reading Ideas for Good – Toyota

idea challenge by nokia

The Growth Economy Venture Challenge by Nokia is the chance to win $1Million venture capital investment for realization of idea. They are looking for: “An idea that could truly change the way people use Nokia mobile devices. An idea that demonstrates how mobility can dramatically improve the lives of people who live in areas where the average income is under US$5/day. An idea that recognizes a good business opportunity can also contribute to “doing good.” Deadline is the end of July. Continue reading idea challenge by nokia

100 posts

I just figured out that I reached 100 post two days ago! I’m still enjoying in writing short posts every once in a while. I hope that someone find it interesting at least a bit as far as I’m enjoying in writing 😉First I was blogging more about interesting innovations and in last months I’m more oriented to innovation management.I can’t promise how this blog will look in next 100 posts as I simply don’t know! Cheers! Continue reading 100 posts

web 2.0

In 19th Century people had only books which was printed from small number of publishers. In 20th Century Radio and TV broadcasted content for masses. at the on of the century Web Pages entered into human lifes with it’s content and with many web-masters among us. In this Century Video has gone to Internet where everybody can be the author and the star of the day. Everything is shared and with Web collaboration, we are somehow again in the similar situation like in 19th Century concering the document sharing. Of course, now the number opportunities are bigger and we can … Continue reading web 2.0

japan’s inno offensive

I saw today an article in Red Herring, where innovation strategy of Japan’s goverment is described. What’s interesting is that Japan is planning to reform scholl and university system in order bring their young people more to other countries(continents) and to have more time before deciding about future career. Other requirements, such as ‘increase investment in science and technology’ may sound normal. After so many talks about China and India, it’s good to hear something from one of the world’s most innovatiing country. Continue reading japan’s inno offensive