“The Method” – introduction


How to make innovation process simpler, more efficient and more successful? I tried to explain it using a term “7innovation”, so here is the Method 🙂

“7innovation method” is a try to make innovation process fast and responsive to short-term goals. What makes this method unique is its iterative access with deep scan of organization’s capabilities including internal innovators.

Setting up innovation culture followed with performing innovation contests and/or innovation workshops could be named as awakening of the process. After it, many data are collected and the best innovators or lets say ‘thinkers’ could be selected. (Selection)

Specific contest with narrow and well defined topic using best thinkers is next step of the method. (Contest)

Scanning ideas and using selection criterions with decision on project start is normal part of any innovation process. After realization, it is essential to include storytelling phase to make a positive marketing about the success story.

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