4th industrial revolution will change companies from the inside

After invention of steam engine, there was years, in some parts of the world even half of the century or more to feel the 1st industrial revolution. Now, 4th industrial revolution is coming much faster and changes that it brings … Continue reading 4th industrial revolution will change companies from the inside

Top 10 Tech, Software, Innovation Conferences in Europe till the end of 2018

Here is the list of Top 10 (my choice) Tech/Software/Big Data/Telco conferences in Europe till the end of this year. Web Summit – Lisabon – 5-8.11. –  “The largest tech conference in the world” IP Expo Europe – London – … Continue reading Top 10 Tech, Software, Innovation Conferences in Europe till the end of 2018

What an idea! Ball camera!

The ‘Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera‘ is new camera developed by a group of computer science researchers led by Jonas Pfeil. The camera is thrown into the air and captures an image at the highest point of flight, when it is hardly moving. The camera takes full spherical panoramas, requires no preparation and images are taken instantaneously. It can capture scenes with many moving objects without producing ghosting artifacts and creates unique images. Full text from More Inspiration Continue reading What an idea! Ball camera!

technology transfer

I was on the seminar about technology transfer in my town and sadly I couldn’t say after it, I’m convinced in which part of the time period are we now. Are we at the zero-point, or have we made a step further? So, we have three parts of the puzzle: University, Business Sector and Government. University is not open, doesn’t do any R&D (or maybe more polite: doesn’t do much R&D), Business Sector is having it’s own problems and if some companies are really successful – they don’t want to mess around with Faculties which cannot teach them anything new. … Continue reading technology transfer

Ideas for Good – Toyota

Toyota lauched Open Innovation Contest called “Ideas For Good”. Entrants can post ideas for 5 Toyota’s technologies: Total Human Model for Safety (THUMS) Hybrid Synergy Drive® (HSD) Solar Powered Ventilation System Touch Tracer Display Advanced Parking Guidance System (APGS) Ideas can be submitted here. Here is the video that describes the whole thing: Continue reading Ideas for Good – Toyota

one laptop per child

I was on technology summit last week, where the main speaker was a well-known futurist Nicholas Negroponte. He presented his non-profit project “One laptop per child”. It’s a good way to see how technology is becoming cheaper, which allows this kind of projects. Hopefully, this year their laptop could be selled for 100$. This could give (better)education to millions of school children around the world.This is really good example how technology could impact society. I saw the laptop 🙂 It is small and pretty – just like the one that children would like. As far as I’ve seen, the sofware … Continue reading one laptop per child

ibm’s top 5 ideas for next 5 years

IBM revealed a list with 5 top innovation that have biggest potential in next 5 years.1. It will be easy for you to be green and save money doing it2. The way you drive will be completely different3. You are what you eat, so you will know what you eat4. Your cell phone will be your wallet, your ticket broker, your concierge, your bank, your shopping buddy, and more5. Doctors will get enhanced “super-senses” to better diagnose and treat youlink Continue reading ibm’s top 5 ideas for next 5 years