5 Top Creative Resources for Every Day – Web Sites


Everyday, I check for new content on some web-sites which are full of advices, new ideas, trends or just good vibrations. Here, I would give just the 5 best everyday inspirational web-sites:

First, I must mention Innovation Excellence which bring everyday 5-6 new post from the field of Creativity and innovation Management.

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I created a website seven years ago with content about my favorite football club: NK Osijek. Few months ago it was transfered to new domain http://www.bijelo-plavi.com and new guestbook, forum and gallery was added with re-design of web-site. I hope, that it’s an example how small contribution can make a difference. My half an hour or hour per week is generating a content which is viewed from a large number of club’s fans.Forum has already 100 members, and the daily number of visitors is constantly increasing.The official web-site of NK Osijek is not well accepted by the fans, so my … Continue reading bijelo-plavi.com