Creativity cards


You want to unleash your creativity? Think again about your ideas or come with a new one?

Our 50 cards raise questions “What if…?” which can guide you to think from the other angle or to question yourself using three main topics:

  • business trends,
  • techno-trends and
  • in another man’s shoes

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5 Top Creative Resources for Every Day – Web Sites


Everyday, I check for new content on some web-sites which are full of advices, new ideas, trends or just good vibrations. Here, I would give just the 5 best everyday inspirational web-sites:

First, I must mention Innovation Excellence which bring everyday 5-6 new post from the field of Creativity and innovation Management.

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The state of automobile industry through toys

I often play following game with my two sons (5 and 3 years old): we place their cars-toys in rows depending on the country of origin. So, Toyota goes to Japan, Ford to USA, Audi to Germany…

At the end we have funny graphics: The state of automobile industry through toys 🙂

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The biggest risk is not to innovate!

The biggest risk associated with innovation is not to innovate. If the company does not have innovations, it allows competition to shape the future. New ideas will shape the market that will no longer be interested in old products.   Because of this, we can say that sometimes the challenges of innovation are big, but the risk of non-innovating is much higher.   In other words: Standing on the same place is like going backwards!   So, companies should look to the future – to new trends and new opportunities.   How to scan that? Just catch-up with latest news on your domain … Continue reading The biggest risk is not to innovate!

10 tech-enabled business trends

Interesting article in McKinseyQuarterly where they describe 10 upcoming tech-enabled business trends: 1. Distributed cocreation moves into the mainstream 2. Making the network the organization 3. Collaboration at scale 4. The growing ‘Internet of Things’ 5. Experimentation and big data 6. Wiring for a sustainable world 7. Imagining anything as a service 8. The age of the multisided business model 9. Innovating from the bottom of the pyramid 10. Producing public good on the grid The story of open innovation is part of some trends, also Cloud Computing(SaaS) take part in some. Innovating from the bottom of the pyramid is … Continue reading 10 tech-enabled business trends

what is green IT?

In recent times everything that sits around the corner is ‘green’. Concerning IT we could see many headlines about Green IT. The main point is that Green IT is not just the savings in Data Centers. The topic of Data Center savings is well covered and it’s widely known that this ‘works’.But, what is with other aspects of using IT innovations to generate savings & reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption?First, the public transportation is used enough in some countries (certainly in Croatia) – with innovations in that sector this could be changed, specially after the rise of oil prices … Continue reading what is green IT?

ibm’s top 5 ideas for next 5 years

IBM revealed a list with 5 top innovation that have biggest potential in next 5 years.1. It will be easy for you to be green and save money doing it2. The way you drive will be completely different3. You are what you eat, so you will know what you eat4. Your cell phone will be your wallet, your ticket broker, your concierge, your bank, your shopping buddy, and more5. Doctors will get enhanced “super-senses” to better diagnose and treat youlink Continue reading ibm’s top 5 ideas for next 5 years