Connecting Football and Innovations (Croatian Case)


Croatian National Team is pretty good in football, we are in top 20 teams in FIFA rankings for a long time now. So, Croatia is really strong in the most popular sport in the world despite the fact that it has population of only 4 million. How is this possible and why Croatia is not so good in other areas/disciplines? Continue reading “Connecting Football and Innovations (Croatian Case)”

What’s wrong with innovation in Croatia?

Croatia flag

I often hear totally wrong talks about innovation in Croatia.

Public opinion about innovators is that those are people, that got rewards on Innovation Fairs. So, when the header in newspapers say: Our Innovators got 3 gold and 2 silvers medals on Innovation Fair, most people think something like:

Well, we have so clever people who have ideas, what’s the problem with our economy? Continue reading “What’s wrong with innovation in Croatia?”

First (big) Entrance of Open Innovation to Croatia


With last month’s agreement between Agrokor and NineSigma, we have the first t(big) entrance of  Open Innovation strategy to Croatia. It’s coming from one of the biggest companies in this part of Europe, with cca. 40,000 employees and biggest retail chain in the country – Konzum. Agrokor operates in many areas of business including agriculture. Continue reading “First (big) Entrance of Open Innovation to Croatia”

New Innovation Union Scoreboard 2011

With the growth in last year, Croatia find the plave among the Moderate Innovators, together with neighbouring Serbia. Hungray & Italy. Other country in Cental-Eastern Europe Are among Modest Innovators, like Bulgaria, Macedonia & Romaina, Moderate Innovators like Poland, Slovakia & Chech Republic. The best is Slovenia which almost got EU average and finds the place among Innovation Followers. The Innovation Leaders in Europe are again Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Denmark & Finland), together with Switzerlan & Germany. Now, let’s take a look at Croatia scores: the worst results comes from Patent Applications, which says a lot about the state of … Continue reading New Innovation Union Scoreboard 2011

Wow, that’s an innovation – Farmeron!

Check this video from TechCrunch about Farm management startup Farmeron that helps farmers track their livestock and livelihood, charging by the animal. Video This is what they said about their product: Farmeron brings all your scattered farming production records together and helps you meet ag production plans with advanced statistics and reports. Continue reading Wow, that’s an innovation – Farmeron!