New Innovation Union Scoreboard 2011

With the growth in last year, Croatia find the plave among the Moderate Innovators, together with neighbouring Serbia. Hungray & Italy. Other country in Cental-Eastern Europe Are among Modest Innovators, like Bulgaria, Macedonia & Romaina, Moderate Innovators like Poland, Slovakia & Chech Republic. The best is Slovenia which almost got EU average and finds the place among Innovation Followers.
The Innovation Leaders in Europe are again Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Denmark & Finland), together with Switzerlan & Germany.
Now, let’s take a look at Croatia scores:
the worst results comes from Patent Applications, which says a lot about the state of the industry.
But, on the contrary, Croatia have the best results in Europe in the topic “Youth aged 20-21 upper secondary level education”.
Very simptomatic is also that Croatia has “international scientific co-publication” more then EU27 average, but next topic has very low results: “Top 10% most cited scientific publications worldwide”.

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