First (big) Entrance of Open Innovation to Croatia


With last month’s agreement between Agrokor and NineSigma, we have the first t(big) entrance of  Open Innovation strategy to Croatia. It’s coming from one of the biggest companies in this part of Europe, with cca. 40,000 employees and biggest retail chain in the country – Konzum. Agrokor operates in many areas of business including agriculture.

Through this relationship with NineSigma, Agrokor and its companies will enjoy access to the world’s greatest network of innovators. With this investment we have started to adopt a new innovation strategy, open innovation, which will be implemented through all of our business processes. Our plan is to strengthen our own research and development capacities, integrate new knowledge, and expand our product portfolio to successfully respond to competitive challenges.” said Ivica Todoric, CEO of The Agrokor Group.

Agrokor recognizes that as knowledge is shared more freely worldwide, a commitment to continuous innovation is essential. Product market cycles are becoming shorter and shorter, and good connections to external partners and consumers have become more critical. Accessing ideas, knowledge, technologies, and skills exceeding their own capacities is the only way to quickly meet the needs of an ever more demanding market,” said Rick Wielens, CEO, NineSigma Europe. (source:,

It looks as they are also going to introduce the principles of Innovation Management in the company with the second project “Open Map”. It will allow every of their 40 thousand employess to give an idea for new product and be rewarded for that (

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