buying Green is/will be ‘in’

In last edition of WIPO magazine, there is an article about Green Branding. link
It seems that we’ll have hundreds of eco-labels which will point us to many ‘green’ products. Web site with eco-labels: So, whole new economy will rise (or this has already happen?), but then there would be potential threat in new term: Greenwashing – “the term used to describe companies trumping up their green credentials without any real basis”.
I can imagine people shopping in supermarkets trying to find what some eco-label means, with thought on Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth”. There is a plenty room for innovative companies but also for fraud.

2 thoughts on “buying Green is/will be ‘in’

  1. Good point. Businesses have to catch current enthusiasm of individuals.In a post from last week I wrote about the problem in eastern Europe. Also, green thinking must be inside organisaions for cutting travelling etc. what you mentioned.

  2. Having attended and spoken at a *lot* of green conferences, I definitely agree that green procurement is high on the agenda. But, I would also say that we are at risk of hitting “green fatigue” very quickly if all of this green talk isn’t translated into green action rather soon. Everyone is jumping on the green bandwagon, but I’m not seeing as many businesses step up as I do individuals getting personally involved, governments regulating etc. Businesses need to look at procuring green, yes, but they need to look even more closely at behaving green. Cut down on travel, recycle, promote working from home, integrate systems and remove duplicate infrastructure, etc etc.

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