Entrepreneurs (Innovators) to be


They are special sort of us: Entrepreneurs. Oh yes, they are! But, what with people who are still thinking about it and maybe are still too shy in trying to start they own business. Last week, I held a course for young entrepreneurs and it was challenging to see how they react on many creativity exercises and could it be successful to make them future innovators. 

First, I needed to make a small marketing campaign to present ideation as something worth trying. Hours of encouraging and trying to make things easier should lead to generating new business. I think, that at the end I had success, some of ideas looked very promising and will keep my eyes on few entrepreneurs-innovators.

Shortly, creativity course is not only presentation of examples and techniques, it should be a reality check and a small psychology analysis in one.

So, I had a goal to prepare a small group of young Croatians for something Innovation Consultants would name as Front End of Innovation inside the companies or ideation and creativity&innovation start – outside of organisations. As I’ve done it in the beginning of the summer in the small coastal town(yes, Adriatic Sea in the first week of July), the best response to get was that everyone will show up next day. This was successful 🙂 Next thing, to teach them how to come to a hopeful idea was not a problem at all at the end…

One thought on “Entrepreneurs (Innovators) to be

  1. “…it should be a reality check and a small psychology analysis in one.” So true about any exploration of creativity! Best of luck in training many more people to think out-of-the-box – especially the boxes they’ve built in their own minds.

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