How to encourage young minds?

I just came back from the conference held on my hometown’s University and one of questions after my presentation was: “What can average student do after graduating to have a successful career?”.
Of course, unemployment is big problem here and many youngsters are going abroad (the same problem as in other parts of East or South Europe. The economic crisis, underpayment, nepotism… So, what to do?
How to encourage young minds?
There are many success stories of small companies started in last 3 years that carry a positive story. Learning on that, advices could be:
  • Work on yourself
  • Try to travel
  • Investigate the work market and the part of economy you are interested in
  • Self-employment?
Try to be creative and start with generating ideas, there many examples of successful projects coming from innovators in 20s on Trendhunter or Springwise. Need for funding? See Kickstarter or similar funding platforms. It is also possible to try to solve someone’s problem, check Innocentive, IdeaBounty or many open innovation competitions available online.
If there is a chance for making the start-up company, try to follow following rules:
  • Work for global market
  • Try to get external funding for your startup
  • Find a niche
  • Try to get the best people

Creative block? Try with Apps for Creativityfind a specific place for creative spark or find your inspiration online.

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