Book: The Fuzzy Front End of Innovation


Book review: Oliver Gassmann, Fiona Schweitzer: Management of the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation (Springer, 2014)

Well, this was a surprise! This book really gives a wide range of topics with interesting examples and advices useful for work in creative industry. Continue reading “Book: The Fuzzy Front End of Innovation”

mobile app “Unleash Creativity” soon available

I’ve been trying to find the way to publish short book. First, I try in my country, but I couldnt do it without sponsors. The market is simply too small for this topic. Next was to try to do it on english. Well, that’s not so easy, there are too many books about innovation that comes to stores eery year. Many of these book are too scientific, others covers similar stories which are repeated over-and-over again. So, how to make something innovative? Maybe it’s the smartphone application! There are not so many apps about creativity, so I figure out that … Continue reading mobile app “Unleash Creativity” soon available

book reviews

exploiting chaos by jeremy gutsche Interesting and easy-to-read book which gives you examples of innovation success stories and the guideline for creativity. Useful for everyone not just for the persons involved in work with ideas. Culture of revolution ad trend hunting is the topics that you won’t see in other books 😉 It looks trendy & “sexy” and it’s the book that everyone that have it on the bookshelf, will go back over and over. idea book by fredrik hären Book about creativity with blank pages for reader’s notes and ideas. It’s a sort of creativity handbook for anyone interested … Continue reading book reviews


Cynthia Baron Rabe in her book “Innovation Killer” is speaking about Groupthink as: ” a well documented and often detrimental human tendency to go along with decisions that the majority of a group will accept.” Sometimes is enough to keep your mouth shut during the group conversation and it will mean that your think like others in the group, which can lead to problems later. Groupthink must, for sure, be avoided in brainstorming sessions, as it can destroy it. Shortly, groupthink is the opposite to innovation & innovation culture. Continue reading groupthink

i have the idea, and what now? (1)

So, here’s the first chapter of my what-will-be book “I have the idea, and what now?” I have to note, that english is not my native language, so there are certainly some errors in text. 😉 what is innovation? The term innovation can be heard in recent times from every direction. TV, newspapers, adds – everywhere we can see the word ‘innovation’ connected with wide range of products, from commercials for cosmetic products, to banking services. Politicians, professors, businessman or journalists – everyone have something to say about innovations. The term is used so much that there is the danger … Continue reading i have the idea, and what now? (1)

how to publish a book?

That’s a question that I’ve been asking myself last four months. I’ve contacted the most probably interested publishers in Croatia, but they are not interested to publish my book about innovation management.The country is small, so even if I find a publisher, the edition will be over 1000 copies. Maybe there will be more chances if I translate the book on english and try to publish it in UK or US. But the problem is the lach of time to do that.I’m really dissapointed because I wrote it to help small and medium-sized firms to start with innovation climate. This … Continue reading how to publish a book?

the myths of innovation

I saw an interesting article on IdeaConnection. An Interview with Scott Berkun, author of the book: The Myths of Innovation.Here is the set of Myths:1.The myth of epiphany — there is no eureka moment, ideas never stand alone2. We understand the history of innovation — we have simplified legends3. There is a method for innovation — there are infinite paths to innovation4. People love new ideas — most people fear change5. The lone inventor — all innovation is bound to what came before6. Good ideas are hard to find — humans are built for creative thinking7. Your boss knows more … Continue reading the myths of innovation

innovative leader

I’ve yesterday run in to a book ‘Innovative Leader’ from Paul Sloane. I’ve read it in a three hour trip on the train from Zagreb to Osijek. This describes how fluently it is written, and how interesting it was. Ok, I knew a bunch of techniques and examples shown in this book, but some things were really new to me. This is really a welcoming book to every new innovation manager or leader.More about Paul Sloane on his website: Continue reading innovative leader