innovation books, 2 of 3 are boring, why?

Indeed, many innovation books are too boring! Large number of books from this topic are published each year and I don’t even count those who has only university-like style inside. Those books looks like just the group of articles or publications from many authors, and they are really not easy to read.

On the other hand, many books have similar topics like creativity techniques, or innovation climate installations, but are not so good in attracting readers as they not elaborate concrete examples. Also, they often mention same examples and are not focused on the right part of process.

Last 5 “innovation” books that I read wasn’t been good, they were really boring, although I tried to select only the most interesting.

Good examples like The Art Of Innovation or Exploiting Chaos are too rare, so now I’m having a pause from Inno-Books for certain time.

One book that I’m waiting is Pulp Innovation which is available on Jeffrey Phillips blog (71 chapters), but it’s not finished, and I have no idea will Jeffrey continue with it. It’s the story written from Innovation Consultant about Innovation Consultant “who is modeled after a pulp fiction detective”.

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