making ideas happen

I’ve just finished reading “Making Ideas Happen” by Scott Belsky. This is the book for every leader, creative person or even for someone who’s starting a career. It’s full of examples how to organize ourselves and our organization to became more oriented to “Make Ideas Happen”.

One quote that shows the main idea of this book: “While many of us spend too much energy searching for the next great idea, my research shows that we would be better served by developing the capacity to make ideas happen – a capacity that endures over time.”

The book is organized in 3 sections: Making ideas happen = (The Idea) + Organization&Execution + Forces of Community + Leadership capability.

I love the equation: Creativity x Organization = Impact which shows that Creativity without Organization doesn’t provide results.

There are many great success stories in the book, one of them is about master carpenter from believe-it-or-not Croatia 🙂

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