how to publish a book?

That’s a question that I’ve been asking myself last four months. I’ve contacted the most probably interested publishers in Croatia, but they are not interested to publish my book about innovation management.
The country is small, so even if I find a publisher, the edition will be over 1000 copies. Maybe there will be more chances if I translate the book on english and try to publish it in UK or US. But the problem is the lach of time to do that.
I’m really dissapointed because I wrote it to help small and medium-sized firms to start with innovation climate. This problem really exist in this part of Europe, so I thought that I have found a niche for new product –> book. It seems now, that I was wrong. I know that it’s always not easy to publish first book, so maybe I will put it for free on web or maybe just some chapters of it.
To have a sense what is inside my book, here is the list of chapters:

1. what is innovation?
2. brainstorming
3. innovations on demand
4. innovative climate
5. the innovator
6. rewarding ideas
7. evaluating ideas
8. innovation process
9. gently turning-down ideas
10. criterias for success of innovations
11. which innovations are needed in our company?
12. prototyping
13. storytelling
14. measuring innovations
15. how to become innovative
16. savings and improvements
17. how to come to the idea?
18. idea campaigns
19. types of innovations
20. how to catch the idea
21. patents
22. starting of innovation climate in croatian companies

If anyone have similar problem or have an idea, please write a comment.

3 thoughts on “how to publish a book?

  1. sure this is an option. i’m thinking about a web-site with innovation theme with this book which will be free in pdf format. of course the problem for that is lack of time.

  2. ah, and if it would be available in english i would surely want to buy a copy!bye,s

  3. i would put it on the net under a cc-nc?-by-sa license and publish it using lulu.additionaly i would set up a donate paypal account for downloaders of the digital version.for publishing 100 pieces of 200pages books, lulu just gave me a quote of about 700 euros…cheers,s

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