Boosting Creativity: top 10 places to get creative ideas


Don’t underestimate the dynamic nature of creativity, and the possibility that your aha moment could come when you least expect it. Here is presented 10 ‘creativity enhancing’ places that you have probably not thought of. Continue reading “Boosting Creativity: top 10 places to get creative ideas”

Prototype and Get the First Follower!


The first, or “zero phase,” of the innovation process is to convince the very first person to step behind your idea. The ideal candidate could be: a colleague, a superior or an investor. Ideally you want to find someone in the organization who can fund your idea, or help you find a way to fund it. This will give your idea a push. There may be a need for fine-tuning the rationale and ironing out the technical details to get it through the various stages of the process. Continue reading “Prototype and Get the First Follower!”

Unleash Your Creativity featured on TrendHunter & InnovationTools

First & positive reviews of “Unleash Your Creativity” App which are coming from famous websites like TrendHunter & Innovation Tools: TrendHunter: Refining Imagination Apps ‘Unleash Your Creativity’ Application Helps Revitalize the Art in You Innovation Tools: 2 new iPhone apps help users generate creative ideas Continue reading Unleash Your Creativity featured on TrendHunter & InnovationTools

What’s similar with innovations and soccer?

Where are similarities between innovations and youth academies at soccer clubs?

Think about a soccer team that have around 500 kids in youth categories. All kids are in training process for years and after some period selection is done. Then, only the best will play in the first XI in their category.

Continue reading “What’s similar with innovations and soccer?”

mobile app “Unleash Creativity” soon available

I’ve been trying to find the way to publish short book. First, I try in my country, but I couldnt do it without sponsors. The market is simply too small for this topic. Next was to try to do it on english. Well, that’s not so easy, there are too many books about innovation that comes to stores eery year. Many of these book are too scientific, others covers similar stories which are repeated over-and-over again. So, how to make something innovative? Maybe it’s the smartphone application! There are not so many apps about creativity, so I figure out that … Continue reading mobile app “Unleash Creativity” soon available