Review of Unleash Your Creativity App

Great review of Unleash Your Creativity App is coming from United Kingdom, tnx:

A neat and practical app for creative stimulation ★★★★★

by FoxtrotMC – Version 1.0 – Apr 16, 2012

‘Unleash Your Creativity’ is a handy app which offers a well-rounded set of exercises for tapping into your inner creativity and taking your best ideas forward. I found it to be a hugely valuable tool for exercising my creative thinking muscles and for generating robust and original ideas around a particular problem, product or area.

There are three main activity sections in this app – ‘Create’, ‘Refine’ and ‘Finish’. The ‘Create’ section features nine games which stimulate idea generation in a variety of fun ways. For instance, there are exercises which encourage you to associate certain pictures, words or objects with your problem/area of focus, ones which prompt you to find different uses for a proposed object, and others which use questions or visualisations to spur you to think more expansively. I particularly enjoyed the Time Travel and Random Words exercises.

Once you’ve generated a decent volume of ideas, you can refine or build on them in the ‘Refine’ section. This includes five exercises which offer different angles or ‘lenses’ from which to look at your ideas. For instance, what would people from different nations say about your idea? What would certain famous people think about it? Or people from different age groups? Many ideas are usually left or forgotten at this stage, however, the ‘Finish’ section inspires you to take that crucial first step on making your most promising ideas happen. It includes exercises such as ‘Present it to non-expert’, ‘Pros and Cons’ and ‘Sleep on it’ to help you analyze the feasibility of your ideas and explore how to make them a reality. This is important because without this final step in the creative process, your ideas would never get to see the light of day!

This app also includes an advice section with lots of helpful hints and tips on innovation brainstorming and creative thinking. It’s worthwhile reading this before commencing the creative process. The ‘Famous Quotes’ section is also a nice touch.

Overall, a neat and practical tool which you can easily dip in and out of whenever you need a bit of creative motivation and stimulation.

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