How to be more creative?

Here is the small insight from my iPhone/iPad App “Unleash Your Creativity“:
15 tips to help you make more creative:

1. talk with creative people that you know

2. take a walk every day an make “internal” brainstorming
3. change the look of your office
4. write down your ideas
5. keep your idea notebook on your desk
6. read books that are not connected to your work
7. always ask yourself about the simplest solution
8. ask your colleagues how they will improve your idea
9. try to describe your idea as that you must explain it to total stranger who is not an expert for your field of work (Homer Simpson is good example)
10. don’t go from work if you haven’t write down one idea or a comment in idea notebook
11. make an investigation about certain destination, even thought you don’t plan to travel there – maybe you will find inspiration
12. decide to be creative
13. eat at another restaurant
14. go to work with public transportation
15. leave yourself a few minutes in a day for daydreaming

More info about “Unleash Your Creativity”
AppStore link

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