New version of “Unleash Creativity” App


New version of my App “Unleash Creativity” is now available on AppStore. What’s new? It’s easy to see that design is changed.  Next thing is update of many articles/tips and of course, new content.

The biggest news is that it is now FREE. Also, Android will version will be available soon.

So, anyone who need advice in creative thinking, innovation or just to re-think on existing idea could use this App. It still has the same content:

  • Guide – short overview
  • Learn Basics – 19 articles about Innovation & Creativity
  • Get Tips – tips for success with ideas
  • Create! – first step: create ideas
  • Refine! – next step: reshape ideas
  • Finish! – last step: finish ideas
  • Quotes – famous quotes
  • About
  • News – latest articles from
  • Notes

App can be found on AppStore.

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