What’s similar with innovations and soccer?

Where are similarities between innovations and youth academies at soccer clubs?

Think about a soccer team that have around 500 kids in youth categories. All kids are in training process for years and after some period selection is done. Then, only the best will play in the first XI in their category.

When they have 17-18 years, maybe 5 youth players get an opportunity in first team per season (and that’s too much to say!). And from those 5 players, maybe 1 or 2 will become players in first XI.

If we compare that with business process, we have 1 or 2 from 500 success rate!

Now, you can see the similarity with innovation process where many ideas don’t have real chance.

That’s why you must be prepared, that many ideas will fail.

The best soccer clubs in the world have the best youth academies or they are good in scouting young stars.

Think about your favorite soccer club.
Are you satisfied with their youth academy?
What can be improved?
Can see the similarities with your work?

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