Boosting Creativity: top 10 places to get creative ideas


Don’t underestimate the dynamic nature of creativity, and the possibility that your aha moment could come when you least expect it. Here is presented 10 ‘creativity enhancing’ places that you have probably not thought of.

Bed – Be relaxed but still awake. Daydreaming can be a breeding ground for ideas. Try to stay in the daydream stage and think of the potential of these ideas. Don’t forget to write them down, so they are not lost forever.

Bar – an unlikely place but here’s where great ideas can emerge… most of them written on the napkin! Afterwards you will have to decipher the text and remember your thoughts.

Travel – bus, airplane, train – new places and new contexts during travels. You would see places, shops or businesses that don’t exist in your environment, and that in itself can help general new ideas.

Shower – a great place to get ideas! It is said that the best ideas jump into our heads while the water is flowing. Try this for idea-generation. Indeed some people have note pads besides the shower to quickly write down their ideas.

Sea, ocean or riverfront – Staring at the horizon and thinking beyond it is very relaxing and a great place for daydreaming!

Park or countryside – relaxing amidst nature can ignite creative juices, and ideas can sometimes become inspired by nature.

Social media – follow interesting people, their ideas could jumpstart your creative thinking.

Web – Browse trends or inspirational web-sites. Read about inspirational projects on crowdfunding platforms and learn from the innovative projects. Read your notes, diaries, idea-books – even if they’re old. A second look at ideas written in the past can ignite improvements for the future.

Walk – many ideas were born during walks. Indeed, there are many innovators who use walking as part of the process for idea generation.


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