Great Idea Can Come From Anywhere!

fromAnywhereEveryone has the potential to be creative. We all create everyday, whether we’re at home, work, in the garden or at school. these ideas help us in our daily lives and we often take them for granted because we think they’re small or insignificant. But sometimes we could come up with an idea that is so useful for the market that it can be called an innovation. The problem is that many people are uncomfortable getting their idea out, or too timid to step out of their comfort zones.

An Introvert Inside a Company

I have known colleagues who were either too shy or too ignored by others in their work enviroment, to action any idea. They prefer to live in their own safe and protected world and have either no interest or to share their ideas with anyone. They don’t want to take a risk by opening up to anyone in organization, even though they could potentially have the next big idea!

Getting Introverts Out of their Comfort Zone

Forget about the normal practice of brainstorming; introverts usually sit somewhere at the rear of the room not ready to participate. Some do not enjoy interaction with groups because they think they will be ridiculed or ignored.
Others are quite content to let others bask in the limelight. But for companies it is a shame not to allow the ideation process to be more inclusive to introverts. They can use other methodologies for participation, such as individual ‘brainstorming’ or even introducing idea submission using online tools, like Innovation Challenges. This will open it up for everyone to submit ideas anytime any from anywhere. To be successful, the platform has to provide effective support and information and encouragement to those who participate. There should also be easy rules for joining and for leaving.

The Power of the Internet

Outside of the corporate environment a good way to get people to create and innovate, is through challenges, contests and the use of collaborative platforms. The internet has spawned great innovations as many individuals who prefer to work alone participate in crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo or Kickstarter. With the endless array of resources available online, practically anyone can ideate, prototype and secure funding,
Whether by working in companies, groups, or by working as an individual from home.

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