Idea contest for a sport club


The football club that I’m supporting (NK Osijek of course) or maybe it will more honest to say: the club which is a big part of my life has just finished the selection for next year’s kit. The interesting thing, which connects it with this blog, is that it was an idea campaign!

The club has put a Call for Ideas on the official website and fans had 7 days to send their ideas – simply by e-mail. For the club from a small city (100,000 people in the city, 350,000 in the county) and with the average attendance of 2500-3000 people on 19,500 capacity stadium, the number of 130 ideas for home kit was more than good and many ideas was a nice piece of work.

Next phase was to select 5 best ideas (by special board of club staff & designers) and put it to online voting. A week later and after more then 3000 votes we have a winner:



Most of fans (and I’m among them) fully supports the work of young designer Leo Vinković. This should be a start of new look and a new way of communication with fans.

Other clubs (at least other Croatian clubs) can surely learn from this.

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