5 Top Creative Resources for Every Day – Web Sites


Everyday, I check for new content on some web-sites which are full of advices, new ideas, trends or just good vibrations. Here, I would give just the 5 best everyday inspirational web-sites:

First, I must mention Innovation Excellence which bring everyday 5-6 new post from the field of Creativity and innovation Management.

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Creativity – a Birthright

Everyone is born creative, kids are so creative, and human beings made the civilization and modern technology with this gift. But, when people hear what I’m doing, they always start to ask similar questions like:

How can one become creative?
Which ideas have the best chance?
How can I know what already exists?
But, I don’t have a chance from here?

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What’s similar with innovations and soccer?

Where are similarities between innovations and youth academies at soccer clubs?

Think about a soccer team that have around 500 kids in youth categories. All kids are in training process for years and after some period selection is done. Then, only the best will play in the first XI in their category.

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mobile app “Unleash Creativity” soon available

I’ve been trying to find the way to publish short book. First, I try in my country, but I couldnt do it without sponsors. The market is simply too small for this topic. Next was to try to do it on english. Well, that’s not so easy, there are too many books about innovation that comes to stores eery year. Many of these book are too scientific, others covers similar stories which are repeated over-and-over again. So, how to make something innovative? Maybe it’s the smartphone application! There are not so many apps about creativity, so I figure out that … Continue reading mobile app “Unleash Creativity” soon available

Creative workshops with students

I have the opportunity to run brainstorming events for students and the biggest impression is that it’s not the same thing as doing workshop in some company. First, they never have enough time to finish their idea, if you give them a full day, they’ll spend it brainstorming. They are often stucked at one idea and try to go to technical details spending too much time on one idea, even if they have brainstorming rules on the desk. But, they are used to have authority, so they listen to all advices – that’s why here the role of facilitator is … Continue reading Creative workshops with students