Creative workshops with students

I have the opportunity to run brainstorming events for students and the biggest impression is that it’s not the same thing as doing workshop in some company.

First, they never have enough time to finish their idea, if you give them a full day, they’ll spend it brainstorming. They are often stucked at one idea and try to go to technical details spending too much time on one idea, even if they have brainstorming rules on the desk. But, they are used to have authority, so they listen to all advices – that’s why here the role of facilitator is even more important than in companies. Also, students too much often have ideas, which already exists. They should try to track current trends and market in order to have unique ideas.

But, when they have unique ideas, they can be brilliant. The problem is of course, how to realize it. It is interesting how they never see any barriers, just opportunities – which means that students are really great source of ideas.

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