3 categories of companies

According to annual study from Booz Allen Hamilton, Global Innovation 1000 (link) in which are included the data from 1000 companies all around the world, which are leaders in R&D funding. Companies can be sorted to 3 categories according to corporate strategy and customer undestanding:

1. Need Seekers – invent new-to-market product with breakthrough innovation. Gathering information about customers and analysing they wishes in shaping new products. Already know technology is used in new ways and their are no new inventions.
2. Market Readers – react to what customers buy by carefully watching market – cautiosly entering with incremential changes
3. Technology Drivers – moving to internal research with technological capacities with help of breakthrough innovations and incremential changes. Spotting and analiysing of future technology trends is essential.

Each of these 3 categories can be successful on market, but there are no ovareall innovation strategy. If we are focused only on one company, then it could be said that there is the best inno-strategy for one company – the one which has as most important part syncronisation with corporate strategy and surroundings. It should be conected with company strategy and customers. Research and development must be connected with informations about customer wishes, and all phases of innovation process – from generation of ideas to realisation and marketing, must give attention to customer wishes.

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