Importance of Innovation Metrics

Innovation Metrics are crucial for Innovation Managers to stay on the right track. This metrics should include all submitted ideas and decisions regarding these ideas.
So, you can see the numbers and make nice charts :), but also see what’s happening with innovation climate in your organisation and see are you on the same way like half a year ago or not. As, I’m speaking from the role of inno-manager I must admit that metrics are the most important data which alarms me if there is no enough activities in some part of organisation.
I spend sometimes hours and hours over statistics, just to make sure that there are no forgotten ideas or that every idea has a decision. There are no room for leaving idea ‘open’ if there is no real argument for that.
Back to topic – it’s important to have Innovation Metrics with clear picture what happened in the last period(quarter of half of year) and to have it on time.

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