great definition of innovation

I’ve just read the interview with Guy Kawasaki. Inside, there is a great definition of innovation:
“Innovation is creating something before people know they need it. The process involves building upon the work of others-a.k.a., “copying,” grinding it out, and deleting what doesn’t work to jump to the next curve.

Innovation isn’t a lightning bolt of inspiration in the middle of a muse. More often than not, it’s a process of grinding, cogitating, and doubting. There truly is no shortcut to innovation. Over the course of a career, you come up with dozens, if not hundreds of ideas, and reject most, try some, and you are lucky if handful succeed.”

And another great quote:
“…one assumption that companies should not make is that money equals innovation. That is, two guys/gals in the lab might create the great innovation. It doesn’t have to be the $10 million budget line item for R and D. I could make the case that money can’t buy innovation-if it did, then large companies would get larger and startups would never innovate.”


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