faster innovation

I’ve just read Wall Street Journal article: “The New, Faster Face of Innovation”
and there are two very interesting quotes:

“Five years ago, for instance, a leadership team might have reviewed two or three “big” innovation proposals from consulting gurus; executive teams today might compare the outcomes of 50 or 60 real-world experiments to decide which ones to act upon.”
– the innovation process becomes faster.
“And there’s a subtle shift in how people view innovation. People don’t talk about running experiments months into the future—they’re into immediacy, because they see that they can test ideas right away, and the company culture starts to actively encourage speed.”
– innovation don’t need months to be transfered to market, this process is also becoming more faster. What are the concequences?
1. We need even more ideas from ideation process 🙂
2. Innovation becomes cheaper – more innovations can be prototyped.
3. Research&development as we know it will be changed in future.

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