innovation culture barriers

Have you heard your friend, father or uncle how he make fun of his boses or to management in his factory because they are doing something „stupid“, and when you ask him „why won’t you propose a solution?“, the answer is: „they wouldn’t listen to me, they dont care for my thoughts“ or „let them do whatever they want!“.

This barrier between employee and the firm, or call it ‘learned helplessness’ is the spirit when the employee don’t need to think and it’s the example which kind of culture should be completely changed. This kind of examples can be heard in many places and you can imagine how many space is left for improvement,

Inovative climate could be incorporated to many organizations which are not aware of their current state.

There are many negative sentences which can be heard:

–    This already exist!
–    We are doing it on the same way for years, why we should change it now?
–    This is not the problem!
–    This will not work in real world.
–    Who will buy this?
–    This kind of idea is not possible to realize, maybe in a ten years from now…
–    We don’t have time for that.
–    This is not in our area of work.

Reasons why innovator could be faced to the wall in his organization:

–    Political – someone will come out as incapable
–    Fear from change
–    That wasn’t been my idea, so why would I support it?
–    Laziness – why would we work on new technologies or new fields of work?

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