Rewarding Innovation


Here is my paper “Rewarding Innovation – Influence of rewarding system to the innovation” from XXIV ISPIM Conference held in Helsinki 16-19 June 2013.

In the period of eight years, several different innovation reward systems were in use, some of these reward systems were company-wide methodologies, but some were only local with effect only in our entity in Croatia. The focus of this analysis is how these different approaches affected the innovation culture of the organization. Innovation awarding systems were changed during time and all metrics keep track of the changes in the innovation ecosystem.

Monetary vs. non-monetary rewarding is often the theme of debates, with common approach, that innovators are not guided with money. The findings reveal, that innovators should be praised not only with monetary rewards, but also with recognition inside organization and celebration of successful ideas. Comparing different systems due to effectiveness, analysis reveal the connection between some types of ideas and innovation system.

Full paper available on this link on issuu.

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