Creativity videos

There is the time for a new quick list of videos that can inspire creativity.

Wired documentary that shows the city of Shenzhen, as they call it “The Silicon Valley of hardware”: Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware (Full Documentary) | Future Cities

Another Wired documentary. (I’ll add the official description here) Israel has long been hailed as The Startup Nation. This documentary looks beyond Tel Aviv’s vibrant, liberal tech epicenter to the wider Holy Land region – the Palestinian territories, where a parallel Startup Nation story is emerging in East Jerusalem, Nazareth, Ramallah and other parts of the West Bank, as well as in the Israeli cybersecurity hub of Be’er Sheva.: Holy Land: Startup Nations (Full Documentary) | Future Cities

David Epstein, author of book “The Sports Gene”is talking about the progress in sports achievements in the last century: Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger?

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love” shares the radical idea that, instead of the rare person “being” a genius, all of us “have” a genius: Your elusive creative genius

Frans Johansson, author of “The Medici Effect” illustrates how relentless trial-and-error – coming up with an idea, executing it on a small scale, and then refining it – is THE distinguishing characteristic of the greatest artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs.: The Secret Truth About Executing Great Ideas

Jeremy Gutsche’s (CEO of Trend Hunter and author of “Exploiting Chaos” and “Better and Faster”) speech on trends, change, creativity and disruptive innovation: Jeremy Gutsche on Trends & Change

And here is my own video: 10 tips for creativity

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