Creativity Cards – Case Study

Doloco ltd, a totally new and growing company used Creativity Cards during the company foundation to create branding and starting position for their content and its online placement.

Creativity cards were used for:

  • name of the company
  • logo
  • slogan
  • strategy / mission – presentation on company website


A new way of thinking was introduced to inspire the name (lateral thinking), the name is a combination of three different words that are the essence of the company.

The memorizable and catchy logo was developed pretty quickly by using prototyping and “Business trend” and “Walk in stranger’s shoes” cards.

Next task was the slogan – here we used one of yellow “Business trends” cards and quickly the slogan was created.

The separate task which needed more time was strategy and mission where we used a long session using many Creativity Cards from all three fields. The strategy was successfully elaborated and the result is provided for the company website.

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