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Make The Invisible Visible 

Creative leaders break the mold by making their own path to achieve mastery. Those who achieve greatness do not fit a formula or follow a structure. In CREATIVITY WITHOUT FRONTIERS: How To Make The Invisible Visible By Lighting The Way Into The Future, creativity and brand leader Roy Sharples draws on decades of experience at the forefront of business innovation to explore what makes the creative mind tick. He examines the conditions that nourish creativity in organizations of all sizes, from artists to corporations to civilizations. The result is a manifesto for harnessing inspiration and unleashing creative power.

Many innovators are classic outsiders who disrupted, invented, and changed the faces of their industries forever. Andrew Carnegie, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Nikola Tesla, and the Wright Brothers rose from obscurity to radically transform industry and how people lived. “Creative leaders have confidence in their ideas, and never give up on bringing them to fruition. It means leading without frontiers by seeing around the corners and fearlessly navigating into the future,” says Sharples. 

The book’s approach blends the art and science of the creative process: Dream, Make, and Do. The process is iterative and constant, and customizable per craft, situation, and opportunity.

It is about discovering and developing insight, involving divergent thinking to analyze a problem, perceiving patterns that are not obvious, generating and evaluating ideas that can become concepts, experimenting, prototyping, constructing, and making a plan of action. Applying techniques that drive evolution, synthesis, re-application, reinvention, reimagination, disruption, revolution, and changing direction.

Dream Apply divergent thinking to dream without frontiers to find the breakthrough ideas by envisioning the desired outcome

Make Apply a do-it-yourself sensibility using convergent thinking to review and select the best ideas and then rapidly prototype and construct the plan to bring it to life

Do Review the solution to identify improvements, make eliminations, fine-tune, remove obstacles, mitigate risks, and bring it to life with the audience and markets, whether the solution is a new business, brand campaign, a physical product, an industrial design, song, film, story or painting

Validating an idea against alternatives allows a solution to align with the vision. This will typically entail researching the idea’s hypothesis, such as the business model’s viability and technology feasibility. Depending on the results, it may involve having to rethink, rip it up and start again.

The book provides unique perspectives from experts in the creative industry: actors, artists, art directors, branders, creative directors, curators, designers, educators, entrepreneurs, executives, filmmakers, illustrators, marketers, musicians, photographers, producers, and product developers.

To help become an influential creative leader, Sharples has established a Creative Excellence Model that details the collection of skills and competencies. These comprise five principles that define what creative leaders must know and practice, and that holistically address leadership at the individual, team, and organizational levels. 

Imagination Create, design, and make new things by seeing the unseen and navigating the journey to get there by evoking magic and delight, turning imagination into art.

Innovation Revel in finding the future by tinkering with and experimenting with technologies and cross-pollinating across multiple domains in the creative arts and beyond

Aesthetics Blend art and science with excellence in craftsmanship by anticipating future trends inspired by culture and aesthetics connected to emotions and imagination

Entrepreneurship Fearlessly lead toward invisible horizons to finding the future by being adaptive, persistent, and resilient

Manifestation Light the way to the future by breaking through conventional values, tastes, and perceptions

The model is based on the author’s years of operating at the vanguard of building beloved brands, designingand bringing new products and services to market profitably, creating growth businesses globally, developing start-up businesses from the ground up, and leading multinational businesses and teams.

CREATIVITY WITHOUT FRONTIERS invites readers to reinvent old ways of doing things with original and often groundbreaking perspectives, one that rejects convention and challenges the status quo. By continually analyzing and questioning, one can lead creatively and provoke actions that bring about change

About the Author

Roy Sharples, founder and CEO of Unknown Origins, is on a mission to save the world from banality by unleashing creative power. He has a global track record of innovation delivered by building beloved brands, bringing new products and services to market, creating and developing start-ups, and leading large businesses across global regions. 

For more information, please visit http://www.UnknownOrigins.com

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