Unleash Creativity App


Unleash Creativity is made for everyone who needs to unleash creative potential inside (FREE App).

Have you ever thought about creating ideas, but have a problem how to come to new ideas, or how to formulate your idea, here is an application which could help in unleashing your creative power.
(see review of this App on TrendHunter or InnovationTools)


How to use this application?

First you can prepare yourself by reading “I have an idea and what now?” and “Creative advices”, then start with “Create!” and just use “Notes” tab at the bottom of the screen to write down ideas.

When you collected your ideas go through next steps: “Refine” and “Finish” in order to prepare your idea before telling it to anyone. You can use just one or two of available options in each step or all, how you prefer…

You should find the way to generate many successful ideas…

If you have a group of people you can use “Create – Refine – Finish” in a group by selecting only few of techniques in every step.  Using this you can brainstorm or have a creative meeting.


“I have an idea and what now!” is the book which is here extended with some features enabled by smartphones & tablets, so that it could really help everyone to catch new ideas.
“Creative advices” will give you some tips how to become (more)creative and how to simulate yourself to get more ideas.
“Create!” is the help for starting creative process – select one of menus for inspiration or trigger for start new ideas…
“Refine!” next step – use one of options to reshape your idea by asking yourself questions about it. This step could be crucial…
“Finish!” last step – tool to prepare your idea before you tell it to anyone and advices, what to do at the last step before presenting it.
“Famous Quotes on Innovation” will give you the best thought about Innovation in last Century.
“Notes”you can add notes – write down your ideas into application.

For creative persons! Business people, students, designers or hidden innovators – everyone who need to unleash creativity.


Here is the small insight from “Advices” section of this App:
15 tips to help you make more creative:

1. talk with creative people that you know
2. take a walk every day an make “internal” brainstorming
3. change the look of your office
4. write down your ideas
5. keep your idea notebook on your desk
6. read books that are not connected to your work
7. always ask yourself about the simplest solution
8. ask your colleagues how they will improve your idea
9. try to describe your idea as that you must explain it to total stranger who is not an expert for your field of work (Homer Simpson is good example)
10. don’t go from work if you haven’t write down one idea or a comment in idea notebook
11. make an investigation about certain destination, even thought you don’t plan to travel there – maybe you will find inspiration
12. decide to be creative
13. eat at another restaurant
14. go to work with public transportation
15. leave yourself a few minutes in a day for daydreaming


Where are similarities between innovations and youth academies at soccer clubs?

Think about a soccer team that have up to 500 kids in youth categories. All kids are in training process for years and after some period selection is done. Then, only the best will play in the first XI in their category.

When they have 17-18 years, maybe 5 youth players per season get an opportunity in first team (and that’s too much to say!). And from those 5 players, maybe 1 or 2 will become players in first XI.

If we compare that with business process, we have 1 or 2 from 500 success rate!

Now, you can see the similarity with innovation process, where many ideas don’t have real chance.

That’s why you must be prepared, that many ideas will fail.

The best soccer clubs in the world have the best youth academies or they are good in scouting young stars.

Think about your favorite soccer club.

Are you satisfied with their youth academy?

What can be improved?

Can see the similarities with your work?

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